The company's talent concept: people-oriented, meritocracy, people do their best.

     First, talent is the soul of the company and the source of the company's development. The company regards talents as the greatest asset, always regards talents as the foundation of enterprise development, the basis of competition and the foundation of development; the company adheres to the people-oriented management philosophy and creates a culture of mutual respect, solidarity, optimism and continuous learning for employees. .

     Second, the company provides employees with a broad stage to show their talents, showcases the vast space of talents, and discovers talents, trains talents, respects talents, and develops talents. The company provides competitive compensation and benefits to employees, and pays attention to employee training. And professional development, so that it can continue to progress in a challenging work environment, allowing employees to grow together with the company and achieve a win-win situation.

     Third, we have a young, highly educated workforce, a harmonious, diligent working atmosphere, and a team spirit of common development.

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