Basketball friendship game

时间: 2018-11-25
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On November 25th, Shenzhen East-link Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Jixiangyun Technology Co., Ltd. launched a basketball exchange friendly match at a sports club in Xixiang, Baoan.

The competition was based on the principle of "friendship first, competition second". With the whistle of the referee, the whole stadium began to be full of tension. The players all went all out, actively defending, actively attacking, and fighting more and more bravely. The ball, dribble, shooting and other series of movements are chic and standardized. The passion of the players is swaying on the basketball court. The cheerleaders are also high-spirited, cheering and shouting. From time to time, cheering and cheering for the players, the atmosphere is warm. In the case of a certain gap in the number of people, age, and height, the company finally scored 97:101 with the other party. Although the scores are few and far behind, but during the whole game, our team members fully demonstrated themselves and played a strong team spirit, pushed the game into a climax, and presented a wonderful basketball game for everyone.


This basketball game is a successful game. Not only has it improved everyone's friendship; but also with the unique charm of basketball, we have exercised the spirit of unity and hard work! East-link's partners, come on! You guys are the best!


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